PLM Форум 2017

Управление жизненным циклом изделий судостроения. Информационная поддержка.



Shipbuilding Product Lifecycle Management.

Information Support

June 30, 2017



9.30 – 10.00  Registration of the Forum participants



Conference hall 7-2

10.00 – 10.10  Greetings of the organisers


10.10 – 10.30  Strategy of JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation in  systems engineering

Anton Sergeevich Dumin, Director of IT Department, JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation


10.30 – 10.50  Information Technologies – Basis of Naval Equipment Technical Readiness Support, Requirements to Software in Information Interaction Systems of CDB – Shipbuilding/Ship Repairing Yard – Basing Site

Oleg Vladimirovich Tretyakov, Head of Shipbuilding R&D Center, Shipbuilding and Armament R&D Institute, Navy Military Educational-Scientific Centre N.G. Kuznetsov Naval Academy


10.50 – 11.10  Organizational and Administrative Methods of Marine Equipment Production and Maintenance

Alexander Yevgenievich Bogdanov, Deputy Director General, LLC Center of Business Solutions Galaktika


11.10-11.35 Product Lifecycle ACS for realization of aircraft building programs

Roman Yurievich Sobolev,  Deputy Director, JSC United Aircraft Building Corporation


11.35 – 12.00  Development of Electronic Digital Model Intended for PLM System

Gleb Anatolyevich Yemelchenkov, Deputy Chief Engineer – Head of RC, JSC Admiralty Shipyards, Ilya Olegovich Ivanov, Project Manager, JSC NovIT PRO


12.00 – 12.30  Break

Section A

Interaction of organizations during Product Lifecycle Collaboration (PLC)

Conference hall 7-3


12.30 – 12.55  Application of Siemens Solutions for Deep-Sea Vehicle Development

Alexander Vasilyevich Khudoshin, Engineer, PLM Solutions Consultant, Siemens PLM Software, Yevgeny Alexandrovich Pasynkov, Acting Chief Project Designer, JSC Lazurit CDB


12.55 – 13.15 Product Lifecycle Management on the Basis of LOTSMAN:PLM. Control of Shipyard Tasks Using Secured Systems

Pavel Igorevich Shcherbinin, Project Manager, LLC Askon–Integrated Solutions


13.15-13.40 Efficiency and Priority Precedence: Operation in CAD System with Vessel Series

Rodrigo Perez Fernandez, SENER Ingeneria y Sistemas S.A.                             


13.40 – 14.00   Organization of Geographically-Distributed Operation for Ship/Vessel Lifecycle Participants

Alexey Anatolyevich Ryndin, Deputy Director, LLC ESG Bureau


14.00 – 14.30   Break


14.30 – 14.45   The Hardware and Software System of Technical Naval Forces Ships and Service Vessels Readiness Control Automation on the Basis of National Software (15 minutes)

Ivan Aleksandrovich Kolesnikov, Head of IT Department, NRC Kurchatov Institute


14.45-15.00 Advanced Solutions in Arrangement of Interaction between a Projector and a Manufacturer

Andrey Alexandrovich Kutenev, Deputy Chief Engineer for Automation, JSC Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau


15.00-15.15      Product Lifecycle ACS (PLC ACS), Use of EDS. Types, Purpose, Characteristics

Alexander Borisovich Averbukh, Head of Information Technologies Centre, Concern Granit-Electron


15.15 – 15.45   ESI Solutions in virtual prototyping

Denis Rafaelievich Fahrislamov, Deputy Director of Department, PLM Ural Ltd.


15.45 – 16.05   Shipbuilding Product Lifecycle Management with Multi-D Technology Application

Pavel Aleksandrovich Bruk, Deputy Director for Systems Engineering and IT in the Field of IT-Solutions Commercialisation, JSC EC ASE


Section B

PLM Technologies Applied in the Russian Shipbuilding Industry

Conference hall 7-2


12.30 – 12.50   Information System of RF Naval Forces Ships Technical (Service) Maintenance Support Implementation and Application Practices in the Context of 636 Project

Vladislav Ivanovich Rozhnov, Head of Government Defence Order Support Department, JSC Admiralty Shipyards


12.50 – 13.10   Secure Interaction between Design Bureaus' and Manufacturers' PLM Systems. Tasks, Methods, Solutions

Timur Grigoryevich Belkin, Director of System Integration Department, JSC Informakustika


13.10 – 13.30   Experience of IETP Creation with Expert Systems Elements for Post-Sales Service of the Exported MP

Sergey Vladislavovich Kupriyanov, Deputy Director General, LLC RosPolyTechSoft Corporation


13.30 – 13.45   Efficiency of PLM Application in JSC Production Association Sevmash. Expectations and Business Calculation

Nataliya Viktorovna Zamyatina, Category 1 Process Engineer – Team Lead, JSC Production Association Sevmash, Science and Technology Department


13.45 – 14.00   Management of General Construction Schedule, Repair and Modification of Marine Equipment on the Basis of Galaktika Solutions for Interplant Cooperation Corporate Management

Yuriy Anatolievich Tertyshnik, Head of Russian Defence and Industrial Complex Enterprises Directory of Galaktika Corporation


14.00 – 14.30   Break


14.30 – 14.50   Construction of Russian Icebreaking Fleet. Application of Modern Shipbuilding PLM Information Support Technologies

Valeriya Mikhailovna Ditkovskaya, LLC Baltic Shipyard – Shipbuilding


14.50 – 15.10   Adjustment of Approaches to Shipbuilding Data Management

Andrey Vladimirovich Shilnikov, Leading Specialist, LLC AVEVA


15.10 – 15.30   Integrated System of Order Execution Deadline and Cost Planning and Management

Vladimir Sergeyevich Palagin, CPM/IPMA, PMP/PMI, Leading Consultant, group of PMSOFT companies


15.30 – 15.45   Tasks of Total Lifecycle Management for High-Technology Military Products of Head Shipbuilding Enterprises through the Example of JSC Production Association Sevmash, and Requirements to Support by Joint Contractors and Suppliers of Systems, Assemblies and Machines

Yury Alexandrovich Ganus, Member of the Board of Directors JSC Production Association Sevmash, Chief Instructor, Bauman Moscow State Technical University


15.45 – 16.00   On Common Information Space in Shipbuilding Industry

Evgeny Noyevich Kartashev, JSC Concern CSRI Elektropribor


16.00 End of forum


17.00-20.00 Social event aboard a motor ship.